My readings in 2016 week 17

  1. CSS In JavaScript! Meet CSSX.  Great new idea, but I didn’t think of any great real life examples that can be benefit using CSSX.
  2. Introduction to Immutable.js; if you have experience working on multi-threading programs, you will know that immutable data avoid locking and improve overall performance.
  3. Five minutes tutorial for Firebase.  It is great idea to have lightweight database accessible through service end point, plus offline support; but I worry about that reference URL, which may be identified by brute force and third parties may access my data.
  4. Flexbox Patterns; I just finished a quick “flexbox in 5 minutes” tutorial.  And I would like to share another post about flexbox usages.
  5. Stored procedure progress messages; how sqlConnection.InfoMessageEvent can help to provide progress message.
  6. MicroService4Net; library to create micro service easily.
  7. If you are a C# developer, you should read this post “The .Net of Tomorrow” to get ideas what is going to happen in .Net framework.
  8. Dirty tricks from dark corners of front-end from Vitaly Friedman; nice presentation with interesting example and interactive with audiences.
  9. Some Typescript posts to share:
    1. Creating Type-Safe Structures (and Dictionaries) with Tuples.
    2. Exploiting Generics in TypeScript.
  10. I am 100% new to Node.js.  I can read this post “Node Hero – Your First Node.js HTTP Server” to start learning the very basic Node.js.
  11. One Weird Trick To Improve Web Performance; it used a good reference to show TLS doesn’t hurt performance and it brings new feature to you.
  12. Top 10 CSS bad practices; check if you did one or 2.

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