My readings in 2016 week 18

  1. 14 Tools For Microsoft Azure Development; if you are working with Azure, take a look and find out if they can help your development work.
  2. 7 Tools That Bring Cross-Platform Languages into Visual Studio; it is a last-year post (I probably missed).  It shares some great tools to work with Python and Node.js in Visual Studio.
  3. 14 New Extensions for Visual Studio 2015;  It is a tools world now, uses them to speed up your work and improve its quality.
  4. If you are animation friends or write animations, read this post “A Comparison of Animation Technologies” to get ideas how many ways to do animations today.
  5. Internet encourages sharing.  Here you go.  17 free e-books for web developers.
  6. HangFire helps to run background job in .Net and Event Source is a publication and subscription library you can use in .Net.
  7. If you are using Visual Studio and want to ensure your website supports accessibility, you can use this tool Web Accessibility Checker.
  8. Caching is one of important technique to make your site perform better; but it is one of the toughest problem in software engineering.  Read this post “Caching best practices & max-age gotchas“.
  9. Being A Developer After 40; I must share this, even though I don’t agree all of his views; but this is exactly what a developer’s life is.  Software engineer is one of the toughest job in the world.
  10. 12 Extremely Useful Hacks for JavaScript; read it and see how many do you know?

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