My readings in 2016 week 24

  1. The basics of web application security from
  2. 9 Tips for Writing Secure Applications in ASP.NET.  I know most of them except view state encyrption and remove sensitive information from response headers.
  3. How to transform different config file without any third party extension.  This can be applied to different project types, e.g. Console application.
  4. Uses google test site to test how mobile friendly your site is; and this is a related post.
  5. Very nice post to explain problems using BEM and share tips.
  6. Save a Trip to the Database with Deletes in Entity Framework; if you use Entity Framework, you should know this technique.
  7. Five Ways to Hide Elements in CSS; do you know what five ways they are? and can you think of another way.  How about set to width and height to 0!

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