My readings in 2016 week 40-41

  1. Multithreading in C# .Net 4.5 Part 1 and Part 2.  In part 2, it mentioned a list of concurrent collection types, which are optimized for producer-consumer pattern.
  2. It is a good post talking about female software engineers.  I truly believe that there are male engineers/program managers thinking female engineers are not as good as male engineers.  We should always be respect to everyone, no matter what gender they are.
  3. C# expression tree videos on YouTube.  Also this post provides the simple example to understand what expression tree is and its syntax.
  4. Very impressive demo about VR by Mark Zuckerberg.
  5. New features of C# 7.0; I like most of them except “throw exception from expression”, which make it difficult to read.
  6. Very interesting post about JavaScript with only six characters.  It is good to learn how JavaScript behaves and tricks.
  7. Design Patterns and Refactoring; this site lists out many design patterns with clear explanations, plus refactoring approaches and techniques.

My readings in 2016 week 39

  1. CSP Evaluator and CSP Mitigator by Google; CSP is to help protecting your website from XSS attack; and Google said that ~95% of website with CSP is not correctly used.
  2. osquery by Facebook, to help analyse network traffic going in and out from your computer.
  3. Good example for RxJS showcase,
  4. Linqpad Util methods; read this post from Stack Overflow to know what util methods provided by Linqpad and how to use them.